[Providence Event] Queer Salon: Readings by the Transgender Vanguard/Topside Press!


PVD Queer Salon and Topside Press Present,

Featuring Red Durkin, Susan Jane Bigelow, Imogen Binnie, Elliott Deline, Cat Fitzpatrick,K. Tait Jarboe, Riley MacLeod and Tom Léger.

When: 7pm, Saturday, February 15, 2014

Where: 186 Carpenter Gallery and Performance Space
186 Carpenter…

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The chaos of the modem’s dial and low-bit woosh sends a cold and sentimental wave down Ada’s spine. She hasn’t heard it since she was a child; its effect is like putting a shell to her ear for the first time and wondering if it really is the ocean. She’s been to the ocean many times, without her father. Those memories have no tug, just hold space in her mind full of plain contentment. The modem sound is so mundane, so rare and lost a thing that it’s precious. It triggers every time she went hunting through directories, fleshing out her Geocities with scans of drawings and poems and submitting the page to webrings. Even now, that particular garish shade of blue, web-safe hexadecimal #0000FF, almost chokes her as she boots up a version of Netscape Navigator that still supports the blink tag.

from “Cordyceps” by K. Tait Jarboe (hey I know that asshole), in the forthcoming Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesfromlivingonline

You can preorder the book here: http://www.amazon.com/Friend-Follow-Text-storiesFromLivingOnline-Shawn/dp/1926531809

Going to try to fuse reading events with digital arts mayhem because the internet is soooo hot right now.

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You just have to pick your voice and go with it.


So you can’t win. You just have to pick your voice and go with it. No matter how you write about art in this country, you are going to get shit on for it. So you might as well do in the way that you want to. And I think it also proves that there is no wrong way to discuss art.

R.M. Vaughan talks to Shawn Syms at the Winnipeg Review

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A bi-polar comic.

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Me and Mr Wuffles take Chicago by storm. #FFT

Me and Mr Wuffles take Chicago by storm. #FFT

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Little Fiction.: Two Years of Little Fiction, pt. 2.


Our third and fourth stories, The Exchange by Shawn Syms and Bright Outside by Andrew F. Sullivan, were the first stories published after we launched Little Fiction and our first two submissions. Like, ever. Looking back, it’s obvious there was no better way LF could have started.

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The 2013 Trillium Awards

Joyland’s publishers spent the last week on a road trip to Toronto for the Trillium Book Awards. Co-publisher Emily Schultz was nominated for her novel, The Blondes, alongside Alice Munro, contributor Tamara Faith Berger and others. Munro took the prize after a standing ovation and delivered just about the classiest paragraph ever given at an awards ceremony:

I’m overwhelmed. This is truly wonderful. There are so many good writers in this country. When I began, there were fewer of us, and, well, there was some doubt as to could [there] be such thing as many? We got together, and we proved that that was wrong. There could indeed be Canadian writers, and this room fills that to such perfection. I’m so proud of you all.

The Blondes is out in the US from St. Martins-Thomas Dunne in early 2014. 

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Impossible Arts, the art department of the Academy of the Impossible, is hiring a part-time/freelance communications/outreach coordinator! 

Organization Description:

Impossible Arts is a non-profit arts organization founded by award-winning Toronto author Emily Pohl-Weary. We promote creativity, confidence, and self-expression among inner-city young adults through hands-on artistic and literary workshops and events. Our organization connects marginalized youth, many of whom don’t feel comfortable in traditional learning environments, with established authors, cartoonists, filmmakers, videogame creators, and hip-hop poets.

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Joyland’s Emily Schultz Nominated for the Trillium Book Award.



Congratulations to Joyland’s co-publisher Emily Schultz! Her novel, The Blondes, has been nominated for the $20,000 Trillium Award, alongside Alice Munro, Tamara Faith Berger and others.

Released in Canada by Doubleday last year, The Blondes was a national bestseller. Look for it in the US this upcoming spring from St. Martin’s-Thomas Dunne. The Trillium Award is named after an official provincial flower, which we think is a wonderful way to name a literary prize.

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Little Fiction.: Jessica Kluthe for #shortstorymonth


To celebrate Short Story Month, we’ve asked some awesome writers, editors, and other literary types to weigh in on their favourite stories and collections, and what makes a piece of short lit great. Today, writer Jessica Kluthe.

Little Fiction was my introduction to reading on my phone; there is…

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